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Is a tarmac drive cheaper than block paving?

When it comes to tarmac drives and block paving, price can play a major factor in the decision-making process. Depending on the budget available and the desired look of your driveway, tarmac or block paving may be more suitable for you.

Tarmac is generally the cheaper option when compared to block paving as there are fewer materials needed during installation.

Tarmacking a drive typically only requires tarmac and a tamping machine which makes tarmacking relatively straightforward and cost effective. On average, laying tarmac costs between £30 – £45 per m2 thus making it a more affordable choice.

Block paving is much pricier when compared to tarmacing as more materials are required, resulting in higher labour costs. Block paving is made up of individual blocks that need to be laid in an interlocking pattern, thus requiring more time and resources when compared to tarmacking. Depending on the materials used, block paving can range from £50 – £80 per m2 making it much more expensive than tarmac.

Ultimately, tarmac is usually the cheaper option when compared to block paving however both have their own benefits and it’s important to consider what’s most suitable for your needs before making a decision. Consider if tarmac is a good idea and check the pros and cons of each option to ensure you make the right choice for your road or driveway project.

In summary, tarmac is generally cheaper than block paving with labour costs ranging between £30 – £45 per m2, whereas block paving is more expensive with labour costs ranging from £50 – £80 per m2. After considering the pros and cons of tarmac or block paving, you can decide which material best suits your needs and budget.

By taking into account price, appearance and functionality when procuring tarmac or block paving, you can make an informed choice that will see your driveway look great for years to come!


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